Is Hiring a Sleep Consultant Worth It?

You may be reading this at 2am while you’re trying to get your babe to sleep for the fifth time tonight, or you may be drinking the whole coffee pot in an effort to stay awake today. You know you have to do something about your sleep situation, and wondering, “Is hiring a sleep consultant worth it?”

A sleep consultant offers a wealth of knowledge and experience and can make your experience of sleep training much more quick, pleasant and effective than if you were going it alone. Here are three reasons why!


Personalized assistance

When parents start searching for help with sleep, they usually turn to the internet. There are literally thousands of opinions on sleep and many are conflicting! It can be so difficult to find an effective plan that also lines up with your baby’s temperament, your parenting philosophy, your family’s lifestyle, and your goals for sleep. As a sleep consultant, I take all of these factors into consideration, plus my knowledge of child development and the most effective sleep training techniques, and formulate a personalized plan for you and your child.

Concise, step by step guidance

Another place parents turn for help with sleep are books. Books are great and usually offer more targeted and effective advice on sleep- I now have almost all of the most popular sleep books on the market sitting on my shelf! However, most parents I know don’t have the time or energy to read several full books (especially if you are a parent to a tiny sleep-resister!) On top of that, books still don’t offer personalized content. You often have to read through many pages of information that doesn’t pertain to you or your child to get to anything helpful. My sleep plans are thorough but concise. The information pertains to your baby and your situation, and offers a clear and easy to understand plan for you to follow.

Ongoing support (I’m your sleep cheerleader!)

This is the best part about hiring a sleep consultant, in my opinion! As a mom, I understand the frustration, anxiety and second guessing that can come with a choice about basically anything for your child, but particularly sleep! I am here to listen to you, calm your worries and celebrate your success through the process of sleep training! There are also times in the sleep training process where the plan needs to change. The schedule needs to be tweaked, you decide the method is not a good fit for your family and needs to be changed, or you hit a speed bump like teething or illness. A sleep consultant is invaluable for navigating through changes and providing ongoing support and guidance during the sleep training process.

If you are still on the fence, hop over to my Facebook or the bottom of my homepage to read testimonials from parents who have been in your shoes!

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