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I see you trying to do everything “right,” to raise your little ones well and be a responsive parent. But right now, you’re exhausted and at the end of your rope.

You’re tired of trying to figure out the right schedule and piece together a plan to figure out how to get more than a one hour stretch of sleep. You’re tired of the Google searches turning up conflicting information and not knowing who to trust.

You want to be a sensitive, attuned and responsive parent, and you’ve also realized that things can’t continue the way they are. Something’s gotta give. You shouldn’t have to navigate the confusing world of baby sleep alone.

I know you want to be a more patient, warm, and energetic parent. I know you need time to spend with your partner at night (or even to just sleep in the same bed again!) I know you want to stop feeling anxiety kick in at bedtime because you know the minute you fall asleep, you’ll be woken up again. I know how hard it is to do all of these things when you’re constantly exhausted, because I was there too!

And now I’ve helped thousands of families become happier, healthier and more well-rested.

I’m so glad you’re here, because it means you’re at the beginning of your journey to becoming happier, healthier and more well-rested too.

my story

How I went from ​sleeping upright in a nursery glider every night and waking every hour to helping thousands of families get the sleep they need.

Before I became a parent I thought babies simply slept when they were tired. My sweet firstborn son had colic and reflux, and we struggled with sleep for the better part of his first year. We had to bounce on a yoga ball (sometimes for hours) to get him to sleep, and then we had to hold him constantly. We were all exhausted. When we figured out a better way to help my son sleep, it was life-changing for our family and lit a fire inside of me to help other families!

I’m Katelyn.

Meet the Founder

Award-winning pediatric sleep consultant, child development expert, and most importantly, wife and mom.

I’m a pro at:

My superpower is: I can *smell* if one of my kids has a fever!

Meet the

Sweet Dreams Team

I’m Kyra.

My sleep journey started probably about where you are right now- in the sleep deprived state of early motherhood. When my oldest was born, I became so incredibly sleep deprived and anxious with a precious baby boy who just would not sleep.

This led me to research everything I could find about baby sleep! Eventually I became certified a certified sleep consultant at The Collective for Family Rest and Wellness! I wasn’t always obsessed with baby sleep, but I have always loved working with children!

I studied elementary education at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, moved to California, and taught in a combined 1st through 3rd grade classroom for 2 years! During this time, I got married and we had our first baby boy! Now we have two little boys running around! Fun facts: I’m probably the only mom you’ll ever meet who doesn’t like coffee, and I’ve moved a total of 21 times in my life!

I’m Konnor.

Katelyn’s younger sister, and a wife and mama to two girls (one due to join us April this year!) After Katelyn helped us from the get-go to establish good sleep habits with our daughter Everly, I saw first hand how essential it was for all of us to be getting good sleep. Both my recovery postpartum and my ability to function as a first time mom were so greatly impacted by helping Everly learn to sleep well, not to mention she was such a happy and well-rested baby!

I decided to become a certified sleep consultant because I have seen how critical it is for families as a whole to be getting the sleep they need, and I hope to be able to follow in Katelyn’s footsteps and help families thrive, all while raising my two girls!

I do what I do

I do what I do because I was an exhausted, unhappy mom waking up every hour. I was told “that’s just what babies do” but within months I was in the throes of postpartum anxiety. I wanted so badly to relish motherhood, but I was too exhausted. My days were spent praying for a 20 minute nap so that I had a second to breathe, and I had started to dread the night and couldn’t fall asleep, even between the constant nursing sessions. My baby was unhappy and exhausted and cried constantly. He even had the most pitiful little under-eye circles.

When we sleep trained, our lives changed (and those under-eye circles went away for both of us!). The best part was that I discovered I could be present and respond to my little one throughout the whole process, and didn’t have to change my parenting values to do it. I want to empower other parents to experience this amazing transformation as well.

The Woman Behind Your Little One’s Sleep:

If we're going to be friends, you should know:

I am always on the go and love to send voice messages. I enjoy all four seasons of Starbucks iced coffee (light ice), and my favorite compliment that gets me all *heart eyes* is when clients tell me that they decided to have another baby because they feel so rested and capable after working together!

Katelyn had an incredibly individualized approach that supports who my son is as a baby (the one-size-fits-all of a previous program proved that we needed more tailored assistance). It wasn’t scary, harmful, or stressful for my son at all. If anything, he was READY to sleep – this experience proved to me that I was in the way of his potential of sleeping on his own.

-Mallory G.

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