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2-6 years old

Learning and Growing and Sleep Regressions, Oh my!

Sleep is so important for mood, growing and learning. And yet, your not-so-little one has so much going on and sleep has gone off track! It’s never too late to get things back on track and get better sleep for your whole family.

guess what?

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“We worked with Katelyn for some very necessary sleep training with my 3 year old and wow. We have been reaping the benefits ever since! I can't thank her enough for her unconditional help and support during the week we worked with her and even beyond that.”​

-lily a.

Sleep is so important for your child's mood, development, learning and more- but there seems to never be enough of it to go around!

A question I get often is whether it’s “too late” to work on sleep with a child. I’m here to tell you- it’s NEVER too late!

Think about patterns we get in as adults that affect the quality of our sleep- staying up too late, watching screens too close to bedtime, falling asleep on the couch, not following any kind of routine. Even as adults, we can improve our sleep habits to get more and better sleep! Toddlers and preschoolers are no different. If you’ve identified that there are some habits causing trouble with your child’s sleep, you can always choose to work on these! 

With older children, it can feel more intimidating- I know! Maybe you’ve been stuck in patterns you want to change for years. Or you’re worried about their reaction to the changes. Or you just really want to help them feel comforted and supported and not sure how to balance that with setting new boundaries. 

That’s where I come in! The packages above include a straightforward, evidence-based and personalized plan (no more guessing what may or may not work!) and supported the whole way through.. I’m here to guide you and encourage you to better sleep for you and your kiddo.