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You’re past the newborn phase, but sleep is still a struggle! On top of that, things seem to be continually changing. Once you have a good schedule down, it’s time for a nap drop or you hit a regression! Let us help guide you to a consistently restful night of sleep and great naps with responsive, parent-present sleep training.

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“Katelyn is kind, comforting and incredibly knowledgeable on all things baby sleep! She will find something that works well for you and your little one.”

-Holly M.

Don't worry- this is not your mama's "shut the door till morning and cry-it-out" sleep training.

I personally know how sleep troubles can seep into every area of your life, causing stress, exhaustion and frustration.

You wake up every morning running on so little sleep that it’s tough to feel like you’re the patient, present parent you’ve always wanted to be with your little one. Maybe naps are a fight or you start to feel dread as nighttime approaches, knowing you’re up for battles and constant wakings. You may even see your child struggling too if they are continuously overtired.

Sleep is a basic necessity- it shouldn’t feel like a constant daily stressor! 

Our personalized approach analyzes all factors that could be interrupting your family’s sleep and comes up with a holistic plan to encourage  better sleep based on your goals.

And don’t worry- this ain’t your mama’s “shut the door till morning and cry it out.” While many children will cry during sleep training as a means of communicating that they  are uncomfortable with habit changes, all methods of sleep training we implement involve appropriate parental responses, presence and soothing, based on your comfort level and how long you would like the process to take. Approaching your sleep situation holistically and making sure we have all the “sleep puzzle pieces” such as timing, environment, routines and habits in place and a plan tailored to your family’s needs will help the process go as smoothly as possible.

The packages above offer a range of tools and personal support to help your family get back to happier, healthier and well-rested!