Favorite Baby Products Series: 3-6 months

Hi there! I’m excited to be back with round two of my favorite baby products. Around the 3 or 4 month mark, we found ourselves making more baby purchases. We had all of the stuff from our baby shower and all of the newborn essentials, but things change drastically within a few months, and you find that there are things you haven’t thought of, or things you need now that baby is bigger, more active and out of the newborn “pet rock” phase. Below are my favorites that we used every single day and really helped us navigate months 3-6!

  1. Graco Bumper Jumper. I cannot tell you how much this item saved us! Jackson has always been an especially active kiddo, and not one to just lay around and be content. Once he had good head control, he loved bouncing up and down in this door jumper! I swear I would have never gotten a shower during this time period without it. I would set it up in the bathroom door and enjoy 15 whole minutes of shampoo-smelling bliss (which is like two hours in infant time!) before he would start to get bored. I also really think it helped build his core and leg strength because he could stand by himself very early on!

    He loved this thing!
  2. NoseFrida. This amazing little invention could have also been included in my 0-3 months list. Babies get so many boogies in their cute little nose, and there is literally no way to get them out without some form of snot sucker! Those blue bulbs are almost completely useless, and you are always worried that you are hurting your baby or sticking it in too far. The NoseFrida is much more comfortable for them, and easier for you. Also, I thought the ick factor of feeling like I was going to suck a booger into my mouth would deter me from using this, but the filters in the middle work like a charm. Plus- like everyone says- you really don’t care when it’s your kid, amirite? When they have a cold or a really stuffy nose, grab a bottle of saline spray, put one spray in each nostril and wait 60 seconds, then use the NoseFrida. It really works like a charm!
  3. The Windi. Yet another amazing FridaBaby invention! Have you ever had a gassy baby screaming in your arms for hours? Besides the fact that you feel awful that you can’t provide relief to your little one, it’s enough to make you crazy and break down in tears yourself! Jackson had a lip and tongue tie which caused some gassiness for his first few months of life. When we had tried everything (bath, massage, leg bicycles, gripe water, repeat) we would use a Windi and it helped almost immediately. The trapped gas whistling through that little tube is music to an exhausted parents’ ears. It’s pretty expensive for a box, but they are made with sturdy (but flexible) plastic, and I would wash with hot soapy water and throw it in a microwave sanitizing bag and reuse.
  4. Feel and Learn Book. Jackson loved this book early on. It makes crinkly sounds, has a variety of textures for him to feel, and parts to chew on. He also loved us reading the words to him and to this day he will smile when we say “Splish, splish, scaly fish!” It helped entertain him in the car or if we were out and about. Unlike so many pastel baby products, it also had high contrast and dark lines which babies love!

    Grocery store entertainment.
  5. Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic drops. Helps with gas, colic, and reflux. Jackson had all three and we made sure to never miss a dose. Probiotics are super important to a baby’s underdeveloped gut and digestive system and gives them a head start on lifelong health! More on the importance of probiotics here.
  6. Boppy pillow. Another essential that I could have put in my first post, but I used this pillow for breastfeeding until well after 6 months. There are so many things to think about when you are learning to breastfeed that the baby being propped is the last thing you want to be worried about. I loved the Boppy and if I ever needed extra support I just stuck another pillow in between the Boppy and my lap.

    Also great for propping for cute pictures!
  7. Backseat car mirror. This is an absolute MUST. This is one of the things I found myself buying on Amazon and clicking “one day shipping.” Basically, if you have no way of seeing your child in the backseat, every little hiccup or cough will make you pull over to check on their wellbeing if you don’t have a way to see them from the front seat. Trust me. This is my new favorite baby shower gift!
  8. Halo SleepSack Swaddle. When Jackson was in the stage where I knew he wouldn’t want to be swaddled much longer, but I also felt he wasn’t ready for just a sleep sack, we got him this Halo Sleepsack Swaddle. After a few weeks, we stopped using it as a swaddle and just used it as a sleepsack and he loved it. No worrying about unsafe blankets bunching up around his face or worrying about him getting cold! We still use a sleep sack for him today.

    Sleep sacks are the best!
  9. Corn cob teether. My little guy got his first tooth at 3 months old! We couldn’t believe how early he started, and he really never stopped! Now he has 12 pearly whites at the ripe old age of 13 months. He chewed on this teether more than anything else. We also had this banana teether by the same company, but I think he loved the corn cob because it was textured all over.

  10. 4moms mamaRoo. Otherwise known as God’s gift to the universe. We tried the Rock n Play, the bouncer, and the swing with no luck. Jackson would cry in all of them. He loved the mamaRoo! Around 3 months old, we put him in the display unit mamaRoo in Buy Buy Baby one day, just for fun, and he started giggling! It was really hard to justify the price tag, but I went home and started searching our local buy/sell/trade Facebook groups, and found one that was barely used and in the box for $100. It was a lot for our budget at that time but it was a lifesaver to finally find something that Jackson would happily sit in while we ate dinner or folded some laundry.

    We were finally able to have our morning coffee with free hands! Yay!


That’s it for 3-6 months! Next week I’ll be back with my favorites for 6-9 months. He got a lot of great Christmas presents at 7 months old that we are still using today! Can’t wait to share 🙂

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