Favorite Baby Products Series: 6-12 months


Back today sharing my last installment of my best baby products series! From months 6-12, I found that we looked more for products that either made things either easier or more fun as Jackson grew. Here are our favorites!

  1. Robeez sandals. Jackson was barefoot for almost the first year of his life. Even in cold weather, I would usually just put warm socks on him and head out. Shoes seemed so silly for a baby who didn’t walk! But when he did start to take those couple adorable wobbly little steps, I knew I needed to get him something to protect and support his little feet! Rubber soles were too stiff for a new walker so I got him a pair of these suede bottom Robeez and they are our favorites now!

    We love our Robeez! Onesie from Primary. Drool courtesy of teething.
  2. Disposable placemats. Eating out with a one year old can sometimes feel like eating out with a herd of cats. Anything to make this experience easier is a win in my book! Instead of having to place each individual bite in my baby’s mouth, I often wished I could just cut up pieces and put it on the table in front of him. But the germ potential always had me cringing. These are an amazing invention because you can stick it straight on the table and have a clean surface for them to eat off of, as well as easy clean up after dinner!
  3. Quadpod swing. We got this for Jackson for his first birthday and in short, we’re obessed with it. We hung it with hooks on our covered back patio and we spend time swinging every day. Besides family time, fresh air and sunlight and all the other benefits of having outdoor toys, the coolest thing about this Quadpod swing is that it has multiple removable parts and can be made to accommodate infants, toddlers and older children! You’ll never have to buy another swing! The materials are so sturdy and high quality and this has honestly been one of our favorite purchases for Jacks.

    Pure. Joy.
  4. Joovy Spoon. Jackson got this walker from his grandparents for Christmas. First of all, I just love the aesthetic of this walker. It’s so minimal and clean looking, which is nice when you feel like you are slowly drowning in a sea of primary colored baby gear! Secondly, it’s super easy to fold flat, adjust the height and take the tray on and off. Jackson loved running around in the Joovy and I always felt that he was safe and getting great practice walking!

    He loved this thing!
  5. Halo Early Walker Sleep Sack. When Jackson started stretching out and standing up, we noticed his sleep sacks weren’t really stretching with him. We are huge fans of sleep sacks over here and they are a big sleep cue for Jackson that it is time for bed. This early walker sleep sack leaves plenty of growing room and a better range of motion for standers and walkers. Definitely a sleep must-have!

    Just-woke-up vibes.
  6. Munchkin Straw Sippy Cup. We bought soooo many sippy cups looking for one that Jackson would take! I was beginning to think he would take a bottle forever. Finally, he got the hang of a straw and I ran out and bought #allthestrawcups. I love the Take n Toss ones because they are easy, but this Munchkin Straw Sippy is amazing. It has a weighted straw so no matter which way he is tipping the cup, the bottom of the straw is in the water. It’s also spill proof which is wonderful.
  7. Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks. See all of our baby proofed cabinets? No? Exactly!!! The magnet locks stick inside the cabinets (using the same sticky stuff as Command Strips) and you use a small round magnet to unlock them. It doesn’t ruin the aesthetic or cause wear to your cabinets, and it’s totally baby proof. Love this genius invention!

    No one would know they’re baby proofed!
  8. Primary Footies. I’m a bit of a minimalist at heart, so lots of patterns and slogans and such on baby clothes is not really my thing. I’m so glad we found Primary! They have soft, high quality, reasonably priced clothing that comes in a ton of solid colors. I have their onesies, footies and rompers for Jackson and he loves them too!

    Seriously just want to squish him when he is in these footies ????
  9. Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover. This cart cover makes grocery shopping (or trips to Target for “just a couple things”) much easier! It has a padded back rest which helped Jackson sit up straight and comfortably when he was younger and still a little slouchy, lol. It also stretches across the front of the cart which means no germy handles are accessible to chew on! Finally, it has a clear pocket for a phone which has helped me many a time when I just need to get through checkout without a screaming baby. He loves the Peekaboo Wild and Peekaboo Barn apps, and they usually keep him entertained long enough for me to finish shopping.

    He looks so little here! Around Christmas time grocery shopping, content in his comfy cart seat!

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