How Does Hiring a Sleep Consultant Work?

I get this question all the time! In this post I include a handy infographic on the basics, and I’ll also explain in-depth how hiring a sleep consultant works!

  1. My relationship with my clients usually starts when a parent reaches out via email or books a 15 minute phone consultation and I get to hear about her child’s sleep situation and how it’s affecting their family. In that first call, I’m usually able to identify the source of the sleep issues and let the parents know what these are and how I can help them. If I feel unsure that I can help or have any doubts about the issues being medical in nature, I refer them to their pediatrician.
  2. Once we have talked and have decided to work together, I guide the client in choosing the right package for them. If their child’s sleep issues are more intense and the parents feel that they will be needing a lot of support, or if the parents are desiring to take a very very gradual approach, I usually recommend The Sweetest Pea, which is my most in-depth package which includes two full weeks of support. If the parents feel very confident but just need some direction, I recommend my Simply Sweet Pea Package which is my most budget-friendly option and includes a phone call and follow up email. If they are somewhere in the middle, I recommend the Slumbering Sweet Pea which includes a full written plan and one week of support. You can click on each package name to see exactly what they include!
  3. Next comes the intake form! I have a very thorough intake form that asks questions about your family’s schedule, routine, habits, your child’s sleep environment, what they’re struggling with, their temperament, your parenting preferences, and more! I use this intake form to write your custom sleep plan which includes step by step instructions on a sleep training method tailored to your family, as well as thorough recommendations for sleep schedule, routines, environment and habits.
  4. Once you receive your plan, we hop on the phone for a call that usually lasts about an hour. We go through the whole plan together so you can get your questions answered, and to make sure you feel confident in exactly how to implement the instructions.
  5. Then comes the support! This is what is truly golden about hiring a consultant. I am here for you via text and email for the days allotted in your package. I am here to answer your questions, give you pep talks, tweak the plan if needed, encourage and guide you to success!
  6. We celebrate! You text me when you have your first night of sleeping through the night, or the first night your child falls asleep independently, or the first time you’ve slept in the same bed with your spouse in three years, and we celebrate together! I’m a mom who has been there and I *KNOW* that this is life changing!

If you have any more questions about the process, email me and let’s see if we are a good fit! I’d love to work with you!

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