My Favorite Baby Products: 0-3 Months

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I shared a post like this back when Jackson was in the 0-3 month range, but goodness. They have just come out with so many new, awesome baby products since then! Sure, there are a couple tried and true ones on here I discovered and loved with Jackson. But, with all the advancement coupled with the fact that Nash is a much different baby than Jackson was, I decided to create an updated list! Here are some of my baby product faves and must-haves for 0-3 months:

  1. The Hatch Baby Rest + Portable White Noise: You all have heard me sing the praises of the Hatch Baby Rest for a long time now ;). But it’s true, it’s the BEST white noise machine that has a customizable nightlight as well as a time to rise feature for when your little one is older. Research shows that babies and children sleep much better with white noise because it is similar to the sound babies hear in the womb! So, in addition to having the Rest, I love having this compact and affordable travel white noise machine for when we are on the go and need it for naps in the car or stroller. 
  2. The Love to Dream Swaddle + Velcro Swaddles: This invention is pure genius! Since many babies don’t like being swaddled because it restricts their arms, the Love to Dream swaddle allows them to lift their arms, but still feel the comfort and safety of a swaddle until they outgrow that startle reflex! It zips from both top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top, making nighttime diaper changes much easier, and plus your baby looks like a little butterfly, what’s not to love? Full disclosure: Nash hates being swaddled. But of the options, he enjoys the Love to Dream most and with consistent use, dare I say he might like it? I also used these easy Swaddle Me velcro swaddles for Nash, which just takes the difficulty and frustration of traditional swaddling out of the equation. The easier and quicker in parenthood, the better!
  3. The Dream Glider: As angelic as the name makes it sound, the Dream Glider is truly heaven-sent. It isn’t a swing, rocker, or bouncer, it is one-of-a-kind and glides back and forth smoothly. It has an inclined seat setting or can be reclined fully flat, has 6 speeds of gliding, all kinds of calming noises and music, and a sweet little mobile to entertain baby. Nash takes many *supervised* naps in this glider and it is perfect for when I need my hands free to get things done! It is definitely an investment piece, but SO worth it and absolutely has the Sweet Pea stamp of approval!
  4. The Lamaze Glow Rattle: If you rolled your eyes reading this one, you had the same reaction I did initially! I saw moms raving about it in Facebook groups and remember thinking, “Really? An eleven dollar rattle?” and writing it off as ridiculous. Fast-forward to me purchasing out of curiosity and reading lots of good reviews and I am officially a believer, haha! The colorful lights change with each shake of the rattle which Nash loves, but it isn’t some annoying and noisy light up toy like most. My little niece who is three months ahead of Nash loves chewing on the “eyes” of the rattle and holding it herself. I am excited to watch Nash grow into using it on his own, but for now it is great for tummy-time use. Plus, I know they run regular specials on it on Amazon, so keep an eye out and maybe you can catch it on sale!
  5. Baby Bjorn Bouncer: Another investment piece, although I was able to buy mine from the Amazon Warehouse for a steal! Jackson was always very picky about what kind of bouncer/swing we used, and Nash is no different. This is another highly reviewed product that definitely lives up to the hype! The incline and comfortable material is perfect for babies of all ages, and is a great place to set Nash while I am cooking, folding laundry, or playing with Jackson! No siding surrounding it, so he can view us easily and be at a nice inclined angle versus constantly being on his back or tummy. Many swings and bouncers we tried either had far too steep an incline for his little body to sit at comfortably, or were too reclined for his liking while awake and alert. This is a perfect in-between and he loves to spend awake time there thus far!
  6. The Wubbanub Pacifier: Not only is this plush animal pacifier super adorable, it is also very practical! The little plush animal on the end of the paci helps keep it propped in their mouth, minimizing the amount of times you have to replace it due to it falling out. Nash loves the paci so this is a must-have for me especially in the car when I am unable to replace a paci should it fall out!
  7. The Haakaa: Last but certainly not least is the Haakaa. This simple invention has already saved me the pain of pumping many times, I love it! It is so simple to use, all you have to do it put it on the opposite breast while you are nursing, and it catches the letdown on the other side. I have gotten over two ounces of breast milk just by using it for one feeding, which as many of you breastfeeding mamas know is pretty much a whole bottle’s worth in that first month or two. Much quicker and much easier to clean than a pump, as well as inexpensive. Win-win!

I made sure to link all the products above if any of you are interested in giving them a try! If you do or already own any of them, let me know what you think in the comments!

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